Guest Posts

Blogs are a form of advertising where companies can reach their target audience and promote their brand through blog posts. A third party usually writes guest posts and includes attractive visual elements, such as photographs, that attract the reader. Advertisements aim to provide helpful information while persuading readers to buy the advertised product or service.

We offer to place advertorials on blogs with .lv and .com domains. The blogs we have available cover a wide variety of topics and industries. We will find the most suitable blogs for each client according to the content required.

Our list of services includes:

  1. Posting guest posts in blogs
  2. Article writing, editing, SEO optimization
  3. Keyword research
  4. Creating the content plan
  5. What else needs to be considered?
  6. How to apply for our services?

Using banner ads, we’ll help your target audience find your company’s products and services on Google search. Below is a separate description of our services – their characteristics and prices.

Posting guest posts in blogs

Compared to conventional visual advertising (posters, banners, etc.), an advertisement offers more opportunities to describe the product or service in detail, explaining its innovation, positive features, and potential uses. We deliver and publish guest posts on 100 different .lv and .com blogs in Latvian, English, and Russian. The pages offered have other SEO rankings and traffic.

Publishing advertorials on SEO blogs will add SEO value and improve your business page results in Google search results. Therefore, we can publish guest posts you prepared and offer a content creation service.

In addition, we place guest posts on 100 blogs, with different page domain rankings (Ahrefs DR) from 1 to 52, and page views can range from 0 to 10,000 per month. Placing ads on blogs with real traffic will provide SEO value, improve the company’s visibility, and generate additional page visits.

Offer details for guest posts

We have professionally developed guidelines that we use to create compelling guest posts:

  • Publishing guest posts: We can publish guest posts prepared by the client or offer content creation services. We also check the client’s articles and, if necessary, improve them editorially to fit the blog’s specifics better.
  • Guest posts in various languages: We offer translation and publishing of articles in other languages. We offer translations into other languages.
  • Publication schedule: Guest posts are published according to a pre-prepared and agreed schedule. The client or we can prepare it based on keyword analysis and research of current topics (additional service).

Advertisement costs

We price each blog individually, depending on its SEO and marketing value. The price for publishing one advertorial ranges from EUR 20 to EUR 80, excluding VAT.

The price includes – posting the guest posts on the blog for an indefinite period in the main article section with two do-follow links and at least two images. We also make minor editorial improvements as needed.

Guest posting, editing, SEO optimization

Writing and publishing guest posts is a strategic tool to extend your digital reach. Writing and publishing guest posts on other websites open the door to new audiences, strengthens your brand authority, and significantly improves your SEO.

There is no limit to the length of the article. You can add photos, videos, logos, and active links. You can include your company’s opening hours and any other helpful information. The article is also promoted on the portal’s social media accounts.

When writing guest posts, we mainly get maximum SEO benefits. Writing and placing guest posts involves:

  • Choosing the right platforms to put content.
  • Using strategic anchor texts to attract backlinks.
  • Creating quality content.

Offer details – writing guest posts

When writing guest posts, we pay attention to the quality of the content, the language, and the client’s preferences:

  • Guest posting: We write guest posts with backlinks and images, subject to prior agreement on scope.
  • Gathering information : We look into the specifics of your product/service topic and create articles according to it.
  • Language choice: You can create guest posts in several languages.

Advertisement costs

Depending on the amount of content, quality requirements, specificity of the topic, and language, the price per guest post ranges from EUR 20 to EUR 50, excluding VAT.

guest posting

Keyword research

In today’s internet environment, search engines must find your products and services quickly and easily. The first step in the search process is typing specific keywords into a search engine.

We pay special attention to the quality of our keyword insertions to maximize our position and that of our customers.

One study found that articles with strategically placed keywords in their advertorials improved their ranking in Google SERPs by an average of 10 positions.

Main benefits of keyword analysis

Keywords play an essential role in improving the SEO value of guest posts:

Knowing users’ needs: Knowing what keywords internet users use opens up new opportunities and ideas for communication and sales efforts.

Online shop performance: Keyword research also helps to improve the structure of the online shop, which in turn has a positive impact on user experience and SEO results. Knowing and strategically choosing your focus keywords will make improving your online shop’s content – product descriptions, FAQs, and guest posts- much more accessible.

Strategically set goals: You can make strategic decisions, such as focusing on more keywords with less competition, long tail keywords, etc., to achieve your goals.

How does keyword analysis work?

Keyword analysis is a continuous process in which communication with the client is also important:

  • We expect the client to provide us with the most strategically important areas to focus on and to name the top 4-6 competitors that could already perform well in SEO. Additional information on industry-specific terms that might be relevant will also be helpful.
  • We will carry out research based on the information provided. We will gather extensive information on the most searched keywords.
  • We will group them into different sections so that you can easily use them to plan your on-page SEO improvement priorities. For example, you are improving the page’s content, creating a plan for blog articles, and identifying the main keywords. We’ll also recommend which keywords, where, and how you can use them most effectively to achieve your business goals.

Advertisement costs

The amount of work required for keyword analysis depends very much on the company’s field of activity, the breadth of its offer, and the target market. The hourly rate for this service is EUR 30/h. As a standard, this task requires 2-4 hours.

keywords research

Creating the content plan

Placing one guest post per month or semester without including keywords or other critical SEO criteria will make it difficult for you to get the results you want. Guest posts are a powerful strategic tool that will only work for you if you have a targeted content plan in place for the long term.

Main benefits of building a content plan

There are several benefits of having a content plan, let’s list a few of them:

SEO optimization: A well-structured content plan includes SEO strategies such as keyword integration and backlinks that improve the company’s position in search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find the company online.

Efficient resource management: Planning content in advance allows more efficient use of time and resources. It helps avoid last-minute rushes and ensures a smooth flow of content.

Long-term vision: A content plan sets the roadmap for a long-term strategy, ensuring that current activities are aligned with long-term goals, thus ensuring sustainable growth and success. Don’t expect quick results – the first results may not appear for 6-12 months.

Offer details for the content plan

Our offer if you choose keyword analysis:

  1. According to the client’s priorities and the conclusions of the keyword analysis, we prepare a list of recommended article topics. From this, a list of articles is created with specific recommendations on article content and recommended publication dates.
  2. Maintenance and highlighting of the content section on the homepage – 2 weeks.
  3. Placement of guest posts (5 articles required).

* For an additional fee, we can also offer the creation of a content section, adapting it to the client’s brand visual communication guidelines. We can also promote each article on social media accounts.

Costs of creating a content plan

Depending on the number of articles to be planned and the number of keywords to be improved, the time needed to prepare the plan will also vary. The hourly rate for this service is EUR 30/h. For example, a plan of 20 articles takes approximately 3 hours to prepare and agree with the client.

What else should be considered?

We want your business goals to be fully achieved, so we take an individual approach to each client.

More affordable prices

The applicable price will be more advantageous for larger volumes and complete packages. With the full service, we can plan and execute the work more efficiently, so the time spent on each piece of work will be less. We can also reduce the cost of publishing each article if several articles are commissioned, especially if the articles are to be published on the same blog.

We assess each company carefully. Higher content creation and publishing prices apply to business topics such as gambling, fast loans, dating services, and medicine. A +50% mark-up is used as standard. We assess each case individually.

Building content for your company blog

We can produce and publish regular articles on the client’s blog according to the proposed schedule or client requests. The articles are created in an SEO-efficient format and structure, with internal links and visuals. In specific areas, the client might need support in creating content with high-added value (expert opinion, visuals related to the area).

How to apply for our services?

To apply for one of our services, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Please study our list of services in advance and choose the one you need now.

By writing an application letter:

  1. What are your company’s current objectives?
  2. What service would you like?
  3. Which blogs should you advertise on (company or ours)?
  4. Have you done keyword research?
  5. What languages do you need ads in?
  6. What results do you expect in the long term?

If you have any doubts about what suits you, you can also book a consultation, where we will assess together which service your company needs. We will process your application within 5-10 working days.